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Posts published in July 2014

First Day of New York City Marathon Training


tcs new york marathon countdown

It's on.

Today I went on my first official, unofficial marathon run. After a few weeks off from running, it felt great to get out and pound the pavement with a goal in front of me. I've noticed if I don't have a specific race approaching, I drift a bit in terms of training. With a sub-4 goal and three months to (literally) chase it down, I am ready to make every mile count.

My three goals for the next three months of training are:

1. Run 5 times a week.

2. Make the hard miles count- I love long runs; I find them meditative and refreshing. However, long runs tend to be run at an easier pace. To make sub-4 happen in November, I need to get serious about tempo runs and speed-work.

3. Make nutrition work for me. More protein (especially "recovery" protein). More vegetables. Less fried food. Can do!

Next up: 6-miler. Now here's to hoping the rain holds off!

rain running