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More Miles, More Shoes


Two marathons.

And all the miles in between and after.

It was time for new running shoes. Really time.

trump art running heads
Yesterday, I got out of work early, headed down to Paragon Sports to get some shoe guidance and make some decisions.

Two years ago, I bought my first pair of shoes there and they were awesome. The shoe wizard recommended the (then) new Adidias Energy Boost and it was love at first stride.

Then, before my first marathon, I found they were worn to shreds and I replaced them. By then they had the 2nd generation, but there was a tough plastic piece I didn’t like so I stuck with the 1st generation.

energy boost shoes best running shoes ever

This time around, my beloved 1st generation boosts were nowhere to be found. I decided on the Ultra Boost, which features a touch extra foam cushioning and a little big of a thus far strange fit on the heel, but my other options were a big drop off in cushioning which didn’t interest me since most of my runs are longer and on pavement. Also, this was the only color available:

new running shoes

I would like to note: of all three shoes pictured, each was probably my last choice for color and the only color left. Will I ever acquire a running shoe that doesn’t violate my eyes on a daily basis? Time will tell.

And then I was off! I jumped immediately into my new kicks and headed for the Hudson River Park to make my way home uptown (way uptown).

The last of the weekend’s heat wave was still lingering and when the sun came out in force about halfway thru, it was hot hot HOT.

It has been a long time since I ran along the Hudson though and there were tons of new sculptures and installations to look at along the way.
Hudson River Park Head ArtAll in all, I started out the week with some solid miles and I am stoked.

This run entailed: 1 1/2 mile warm up (to paragon) + 8 sweaty cruising miles =9 1/2 miles, probably my distance day for this week.

So far, right on course for 13 miles of pacing at the Beast of Burden Summer Utra! Can’t wait!

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