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Posts published in January 2016

Joe Kleinerman 10K


The first race of 2016 is in the books!

I hadn't really planned on running the predicably frigid 10K, but a group of co-workers had already signed up and I was peer-pressured into it. OK, 50% peer pressure, 50% I had sitting on the sidelines and watching every one else run (run-vy?)!

I woke up in the middle of the night the evening before the race, and had a quick case of the "what-the-f*$#-am-I-doings"- the run was sandwiched between two long work shifts, I wasn't getting much sleep in between them, and it was cold. Wah. However, I have watched my runner brother slog through the last 70 miles of an ultra rather than DNF even when he should, so there is no way I will ever DNS a race because I was chilly. 


I had decided ahead of time that I would run to and from the race for an added 3 miles, round-trip. This part went according to plan. What did not go according to plan was me wearing a teeshirt and running zip up for the 40 degree weather. Oh no, instead  I made the rookie mistake of deciding to wear a long sleeve underarmor, and the zip up. Of course, not 2 miles in I was sweating my face off and trapped in a long sleeve underarmor.

Note on winter running: Listen to your brain, not your goosebumps.

All in all, the run went great! I was very happy with my time (especially since I was only a week back into running, and hadn't run 8 miles since mid-November) and I am pretty sure I ran a negative split (which was a pleasant surprise).

Here's to a great year- and many more running adventures- ahead!