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Posts tagged as “Mighty Fine Culture”

Theodore Roosevelt and the Mysterious S. J. Wooy


Fierce Roosevelt

The Mister picked up a fascinating Theodore Roosevelt lithograph yesterday.

Roosevelt S. J. Wooy

This lithograph is signed in pencil, by the artist, "S. J. Wooy." However, I cannot describe how frustratingly little information there is about the artist. Scratch that, how the are just enough tidbits to drive me crazy.

For example, of the few other pieces of his work I could find online, one was a similar style portrait of, of all people, Benito Mussolini  "For H. P. Fletcher, with appreciation. S. J. Wooy " dated 1924.

Um, thanks for this picture of a soon-to-be dictator?

But H. P. Fletcher was Henry Prather Fletcher, an American diplomat would serve as the American Ambassador to Italy from 1924- 1929. And- are you ready to come full circle?- Fletcher served as one of Theodore Roosevelt's Rough Riders.

Coincidence? Who knows. In the meantime, I think we should hang this over our couch, Theodore Roosevelt is the mister's favorite president. That is, as long as we can find a complimentary picture of my favorite president to round things out. I imagine it will begin to look like a Roosevelt family tree.....

S. J. Wooy Signiture


The pencil signature of the mysterious S. J. Wooy.


The paper sticker on the back which reads:



J. Assenheim & Son     J. Assenheim & Son

Importers of

Etchings, Engravings, Etc.

Fine Picture Framing

81 New Street         New York

Disco-Flavored Cotton Candy for Your Mind


Ever have such a stressful day that your body simply shuts down at the end, like an unapologetic kiss goodbye? Ever have two in a row with little to no sleep? Of course you have, so you understand why my mind is currently mush.

Tuesday, just as I was heading out for my 9 mile run, I found out I had an interview for an internship at 5:00 pm the next day. I was immediately nervous but glad I was already committing to doing this run before I figured anything else out (a la classic procrastination and/or denial). After the run, I headed straight to work for a full dinner-to-close shift that was extended into a legit, full blown after party. I also opened the restaurant Wednesday morning with every growing anxiety about my interview (my first post-school believe it or not)...

....which went surprisingly well! Fingers crossed. If not, by the time I do get a position, I shall have the finest interviewing skills this side of the Mississippi.

And with out further adieu, the exact type of fluff my weary mind has been craving this evening: